A post about Quaker fiction

I published a piece this week in The Friend, the independent Quaker weekly magazine, about the novelist Una L Silberrad and her novel Sampson Rideout, Quaker (1911). You can read the article here.

If you’ve already poked about behind the Now In Print tab above, you’ll find several other things I’ve published about Una L Silberrad, who really is one of the forgotten novelists of the 20th century.


2 thoughts on “A post about Quaker fiction

  1. I’ve just read your feature in this week’s Friend with the title Sampson Rideout, Quaker; and got onto (the ubiquitous) Amazon and ordered a copy so I very much look forward to reading it. Thank you in advance for introducing me to Una. L. Silbarrad. I confess to never having heard of her before..
    Sheila Stevenson (High Wycombe Meeting, UK)


    1. Very few people have heard of her, so getting her into print would be a good start! i’m very glad you found a copy of Sampson online, and hope you enjoy it.


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