Reading Terry Pratchett: a beginner’s guide

pratchett_2233925bA short list of suggestions for how to start reading Terry Pratchett’s novels, because the list is now closed.

Guards, Guards, for the perfect, all-in-one introduction to Discworld’s major city, to its plethora of characters and races, and to the immortal Vimes.

Monstrous Regiment, for searing satire on feminism, war-mongering and class.

I Shall Wear Midnight, for its bitter rage against leaving life’s essential messy parts to someone else,  preferably someone underpaid and ignored.

Lords and Ladies, in which witches stop being funny and start saving the world, because those fairies are EVIL.

Unseen Academicals, for the perfect joy of football and the irrational hatred of minorities.

I posted reviews of Raising Steam, and a round-up of Magrat’s appearances, on Vulpes Libris in the past few years.

Please take it as read that all his novels are uncontrollably funny, and wear their raging anger at the imbecility of humans lightly.


3 thoughts on “Reading Terry Pratchett: a beginner’s guide

    1. Vines hurled the device across the room towards the fireplace. The imp squawked, in that satisfyingly outraged tone you want when giving a magical invention a good kicking.
      ‘Core detection,’ Vimes said through a cigar.


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