Monica Dickens, One Pair of Feet

Today’s letter is D, for Monica Dickens. She’s the great-grand-daughter of Charles Dickens, and she too was very prolific, publishing about 30 novels and memoirs, including the Follyfoot horse stories. I'm not very interested in horse novels, so I didn’t discover Monica Dickens until I found her on my mother’s bookshelf some time in my teens. One Pair of … Continue reading Monica Dickens, One Pair of Feet

Now posting on Vulpes Libris: North Korean magical realism

I've posted a review of Hwang Sok-yong's novel Princess Bari over on Vulpes Libris: magical realism, forest survival, spirit voices, starvation, reflexology, snakehead extortion, refugee survival, the long arm of the law circumvented by smiling faces and deft disappearances, the floating, shifting population of London's migrant communities and the silent snowy Chinese hillsides where Bari is taught … Continue reading Now posting on Vulpes Libris: North Korean magical realism

Mad Max: Imperator Furiosa

(Warning: here be spoilers.) I don’t know why this Mad Max film is subtitled ‘Fury Road’. No-one cares or remembers what this ‘road’ is, because it’s a journey, not an actual road, and every film in the series has angry characters. What most people will remember as the film’s defining phrase is the lead character’s name, … Continue reading Mad Max: Imperator Furiosa