3 thoughts on “E M Delafield’s The Diary of a Provincial Lady

  1. Beautiful précis of one of my favourite books of all time. I remember that I read it first as a young teenager and was impressed by it straight off the bat, I also remember much later in life skimming Bridget Jones’s Diary and being mightily depressed over the massive regression in terms of feminism – where the Provincial Lady slowly but surely moved towards independence despite being restrained by family and convention forty years on Bridget is bound only by obsessing about calories,units and marrying the boss, however I digress (and I must dash) – thanks again for this thoughtful piece.


  2. You really captured the book, Kate. For the centenary of Time and Tide! The hapless feelings of the narrator are so vivid one could almost imagine they were autobiographical – which they clearly cannot be. Brilliant writing. None of her other books quite match this one, but I got a weird kind of enjoyment out of Zella Sees Herself (1915) which is on Kindle.


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