5 thoughts on “Angela Thirkell’s Summer Half

  1. Glad to see in last week’s parliamentary select committee grilling of another Philip that the spirit of Swan lives on!


  2. My love for Lydia knows no bounds and Southbridge is my favourite Thirkell setting so, unsurprisingly, this is a favourite of mine. Impossible to say what I like most about it. Colin’s horrified vision (at his interview) of a life spent at teaching? The all-encompassing awfulness of Rose? The immensely lovable but sanity-destroying boys of Southbridge? I love them all.


  3. You missed the great cover art by Clair Minter-Kemp from the Hogarth Press reissue from 1988. Colin and Tony and Eric and Hacker and Lydia and Geraldine all watching the chameleon being fed flies! I also love the companion cover art for The Brandons. Unfortunately, Hogarth didn’t reissue any more.


    1. Yes, I’ve got that one myself, but I think I had so many to choose from, I just bunged in what worked best on the post.


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