4 thoughts on “Jennifer Morag Henderson, Josephine Tey: A Life

    1. If you don’t mind the sense that this book contains all the research that Henderson ever did on Tey, without editorial intervention, it’s very good. Certainly the best biographical source now in print.


  1. I take it that the detective novels Henderson refers to are those by Nicola Upson? I haven’t read them myself, mainly because Upson refers to her protagonist as ‘Josephine Tey’, which annoyed me. If you’re writing a series of novels about a fictionalised real person, why use a name for that character which was itself a pseudonym?

    There’s a suggestion in the novel that the cross-dressing character could be lesbian, given the way she describes her feelings for her cousin, but it’s very tentative. And the cross-dressing at least started out purely as protective colouring (I hope that’s sufficiently un-spoilery!).


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