6 thoughts on “Romping through the heather: John Buchan’s Castle Gay

  1. This has gone straight on to the to-be-read list! I keep meaning to try Buchan but, to date, have still never read any of his books (though I’ve checked The Thirty-Nine Steps out of the library countless times – and then, from sheer laziness, never cracked it open).


  2. I know this is from 2016 and all, but I’ve just discovered your wonderful blog, Kate. Have spent most of my afternoon reading through your posts and linking here and there. I am a late to John Buchan reader and have loved absolutely everything I’ve read of his so far. But I notice you left out HUNTINGTOWER which is my absolute favorite (alongside CASTLE GAY and GREENMANTLE) and I was just wondering what your opinion might be. I’ve read HUNTINGTOWER three times in the past year or so and I suspect I will keep reading and rereading it in years to come. I do think that besides it being a smashing adventure romance it serves as a great intro to the characters who will later show up in CASTLE GAY.


  3. Very glad that you’re enjoying the blog. Yes, I like Huntingtower very much, and have written an academic journal article on it (2013, I think). I also wrote the Introduction and notes to the OUP World’s Classics edition of Greenmantle, in the 1990s, so I suppose I feel I’ve already said what I want to on those novels.


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