5 thoughts on “A working girl in New York: Louisa M Alcott’s Good Wives

  1. I found Professor Bhaer a great disappointment when I was, what, 10 – although later I rationalised that Jo was a strong and off-beat personality whom a conventional partner wouldn’t have suited. Also he is a refugee and is bringing up his nephews. But alas, still boring – and hairy.

    By coincidence I’ve just been reading Katy whom I adore. I only borrowed Clover and In the High Valley from the library, so I look forward to being reminded about them.


  2. “The real point of letting Jo go to New York alone, apart from letting her meet her future husband, is so that she can try out being a professional writer with only her own judgement and initiative to help her.” – So true!! I like the fact that she tries out her own way, that she meets people to put in her stories, and that she goes to New York also partly to get away from Laurie (so that he might come to love Beth, who Jo thinks at this point loves him).


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