3 thoughts on “Dornford Yates’s Gothic melodramas, in Anthony Lyveden & Valerie French

  1. What an interesting post! These two books are my least favourite of Yates’ novels, the ones I rarely re-read. Perhaps I should give them another go,

    Yates concerns himself a lot with a lady’s honour.
    ‘You have laid hands on my wife and for that the punishment is death.’ I forget which book that’s in but it’s typical!


    1. Oh YES. I think that one is from one of the Red in the Morning books, in the invented country. All details vanished, would have to look ’em up.


  2. Thanks to a post I read on your blog, Kate, i ordered my first Dornford Yates book, BLIND CORNER and it arrived today! Along with three John Buchans and one Angela Thirkell. RICHES!! I’m a big John Buchan fan from way back as I know you are, but the ones you recommended had somehow escaped my notice. So I instantly checked Abe Books online and ta-DA!!! Obviously I get over-excited when books arrive in the mail. Ha!


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