12 thoughts on “The shrine of Beverley Nichols: should one worship?

  1. I only know him as the author of The tree That Sar Down. By the time I knew he wrote for grown ups as well I’d been put off.


      1. I haven’t read them for many years but twee isn’t how I remember his children’s books. I remember them as being strange, a bit dark and not particularly enjoyable. I did use to read them but they didn’t make me want to read his adult books either.


  2. I’m so glad to find yet another convert to an author I’ve loved for years. IMO Down the Garden Path is the best gardening book ever written. I think the first trilogy is better than the other two.
    I’ve written quite a lot about him on my blog.


  3. I found a little goes a long way and his later books lose the charm the earlier ones have, but when he’s on form he’s so much fun I can’t resist him. Am I right in thinking he did cat food adverts in later life?


  4. Thanks for reminding me about him I used t read weekly column in Woman’s Own, and then discovered his books, which I loved


  5. I love Merry Hall, and have read it three times. As a gardener myself, I admire any writing that pokes fun at the extreme emotions gardening arouses. Thanks for your post. I enjoyed it.


  6. I’ve read all his gardening books several times and still enjoy them but have found no useful information. They turned me on to several interesting contemporaries like Constance Spry, and obviously I enjoy them. But his mysteries are not to be missed or dismissed.

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