Help make Handheld Press ebooks visible

9781999828059You might remember that I set up a publishing house this year, Handheld Press. We’ve published two books already – Ernest Bramah’s What Might Have Been, and John Buchan’s The Runagates Club – and there are three more in production. We’re hoping to publish ten a year. It’s looking good so far.

All Handheld books will be published as paperbacks (NOT print-on-demand, for which I have an irrational distaste), and we also publish them as ebooks, for Kindle and in ePub versions. But there’s a problem: Amazon (80% of the market) is being a bit lackadaisical about actually putting the Runagates Club ebooks in its Kindle stores, both .com and They’re being a bit friendlier about What Might Have Been: it’s openly available as a Kindle book in, but darned hard to find on

Runagates_Club cover for SmashwordsSo, if anyone is interested in buying a book, and helping to persuade Amazon that these books should be a bit more obvious to the eager customer, here’s a handy checklist of the links for buying the Handheld Press ebooks through Amazon:

What Might Have Been at the Kindle store

What Might Have Been at the Kindle store

The Runagates Club at the Kindle store

The Runagates Club at the Kindle store

Over at Smashwords, whose affiliates are, I hope, also stocking the ebook, these are the links for the ePub version for non-Kindle users:

What Might Have Been

The Runagates Club

Any purchases will be greatly appreciated, and you’ll absolutely love reading them too: cracking good books, and rather good for long journeys. Also, they’re excellent for those difficult grandfather and dad presents. Christmas is coming. Quite soon. Really.


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