hang on

Lucy's bookcase
A new bookcase in its early stages

There is no book being reviewed this week because I am moving house. All my books are in boxes, waiting to be delivered (tomorrow!) from a depot somewhere near Corsham, to our new house just outside Bath, in the west of England. I am so tired from garden wrangling, tradesman supervision, long-distance driving, listening to men grumble, and project managing other people’s schedules that I fall asleep before reading anything. I long to see my books again, and have time to sit and read something. But not this day.


6 thoughts on “hang on

    1. Thank you! My grandparents lived in Hilperton, but I don’t remember being taken to Corsham much. I know Bath better. I’ve discovered the Corsham bookshop though …


  1. Just outside Bath? Oh, I am envious. 🙂 I’ve actually been to Bath – many years ago – a marvelous time was had by all. What a gorgeous city and arriving by bus as we did, we saw the most startlingly beautiful countryside. As for the moving of books….I wound up giving away a third of my library when I moved two years ago into a small apartment here in North Carolina. (The move was from New Jersey.) And I still have run out of room for the remaining books. Still having to give some away.


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