One thought on “The Countryside Companion

  1. Did you ever read Countryman’s Cooking by W. M. W. Fowler? First published in 1965 a long out of print classic has been reprinted. Written by a true country lover & by ex RAF bomber pilot who died in 1977.
    Elizabeth Grice (a reviewer) on a cad of the kitchen and the relaunch [in 2007] of his masterpiece, a manual of both cookery and seduction, includes:
    Fowler is magnificently opinionated [in 1965] and his opinions on almost everything from river pollution to battery chickens have a prescience that makes them horribly relevant today. Though intensive farming was in its infancy in the Sixties, he lays into it with the fervour of a modern activist. Insecticides, artificial fertiliser, antibiotics, pellet-feeding… he saw all the potential dangers and knew exactly where to lay the blame. “Nothing will ever be done about it,” he moaned, “even if these things are proved to be harmful. Too many people are cashing in.” Farmers, he concludes, are “just about as callous and selfish a body of men as you could well find”.
    (There is a lot more.) See also:


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