3 thoughts on “Madeline Miller’s Circe

  1. I’ve just read this as well, but haven’t read the Song of Achilles – and loved it too. I particularly liked what she did with Penelope. There was a lot to think about here, not least that there seems to be a mini trend for retelling these myths from a feminine perspective (Pat Barker’s new book, and Atwood’s Penelopiad are the ones I know about) which is probably overdue.


    1. Pat Barker’s new book is definitely part of the current (excellent) fashion, but I think the Penelopiad is some years old now. And Mary Renault (though not particularly a feminine retelling), and Naomi Mitchison before her, did this too.


      1. I should read the Mary Renault Books, I find I can’t read Naomi Mitchison however hard I try. The Atwood is 2005, and I think I first read it about then, I thought there were echoes of it in Millers book, so reread The Penelopiad yesterday. They’re very different but I’m assuming Miller had it somewhere in mind whilst she was writing, because they feel complimentary in an answer to a question sort of way. I’m curious to read the new translation of the Odyssey as well.


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