4 thoughts on “Laline Paull, The Bees

  1. Another story about insects is The Blue Mountain, one of E Nesbit’s Nine Unlikely Tales, about a boy called Tony who lives in a town called Antioch., where the inhabitants milked their cows,which are large and green and have wings.


  2. Stefan Themerson’s Professor Mmaa’s Lecture features a termite studying humans.

    John Wyndham’s story Consider Her Ways imagines a future when men have died about and the resulting all-female society have chosen social insects as a model for themselves.


  3. Thank you very much for this recommendation. It had been long enough from reading this review to reading the book that I’d forgotten all of the details that you describe. That meant that all the plot developments and details that made me believe that I was somehow reading about the real life of a hive of bees came at me fresh. I spent the first couple of chapters a bit doubtful and wondering what on earth was going on but then quickly got engrossed.


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