5 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame.

  1. I read spoilers before I saw the film, and I’m glad I did, because with expectations firmly managed I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping that the moment with all the women on screen (a poor rehash of when they do something similar in Infinity war) is less of a look how diverse we are moment, and more a promise for the future. We’ll see. Nat’s death was the bit that really didn’t work for me – partly because of the implication that not having children makes you worth less, but probably because Hawkeye’s death would have cost her more than hers cost him. (Also what happens if you turn up for the soul stone on your own? Do you have to go back to find something you love? And why didn’t Nebula mention the whole sacrifice thing?) As it stands the my best friend died but I got my whole family back scenario doesn’t seem like the massive sacrifice the stone presumably demands.


    1. Yes to all that. And also, how did the stones magically migrate from Thanos to Tony, and then back to the glove so Cap coyud deposit them all again in their right times? How did he know when and where? And who has the Soul Stone now? What a messy plot.


  2. I don’t think Clint “made a sacrifice” so much as had the situation forced on him by Natasha, who’d been carrying a boatload of guilt and took this chance to redeem herself. If you assume she loved life, then she did sacrifice something she loved. Not that logic really matters in Marvel movies! With that all-female scene, they may have been testing the waters for a film about the “A-Force” from the comics. (Maybe Cap Marvel would get to say “A-Force Assemble!”) I’d rather have the women shoulder-to-shoulder with the men, but I’m old enough to just be thankful there are so many women there.


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