5 thoughts on “Mary Kelly, The Spoilt Kill

  1. At last, Someone has read Mary Kelly and blogged about it, She wrote five crime books I adore and reread frequently: A spoilt kill, Due to a death, March to the gallows, Write on both sides of the paper, and Dead Corse. There are others, but I’m less keen on those. I’m so glad you liked ‘A spoilt kill’, don’t you think the British Library should be considering them for republication.


  2. I’ve just been rereading Mary Kelly and am impressed again by what a good writer she is, how complex her characters are, and how well she summons up contradictory feelings, sexual tension and longing, ethical complexities. I think she died in 2017; I wish I’d known she was alive, so I could have tried to tell her how much I admire her books (especially the ones another commenter mentions). She stopped writing when she was in her 40s—why I wonder. I know those meagre facts because of a brief piece about her, somewhere, by the writer Martin Edwards. The British Library’s Crime Classics arm has reprinted a couple of the books, including “The Spoilt Kill.”


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