3 thoughts on “David Garnett, The Sailor’s Return

  1. Very interesting, Kate, especially as I have just recently learnt about the real princess from West Africa, of the Egbado people, who came to Victorian England. She was saved from almost certain death in 1850 by a naval captain who, after Britain ended slavery, was trying to fight against it along the African coast. The famously cruel King of Dahomey, Gezo, was trying to continue selling people from all the neighbouring areas into slavery, and also took prisoners and sacrificed them with great cruelty in honour of his ancestors. The princess was about to be killed and the captain saved her by persuading Gezo to send her to England as a sign of respect for Queen Victoria…who became very attached to the girl. A fascinating story (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Forbes_Bonetta). I think this story must have influenced Garnet..


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