Forgotten stories in The Bath Magazine

Before lockdown happened, I had so many events and panels and whatnot lined up for the first half of 2020. And only one happened (a panel on women in science fiction at the Bristol Festival of Women’s Literature, in February). Everything else has been put on ice till life unfreezes and we can mingle again and sit beside strangers.

One of the things I was most pleased about setting up was a panel at the Bath Festival, because, y’know, it’s a festival, and I live on the outside of Bath. The local luxe magazine The Bath Magazine previewed the panel in a very nice preview article, that is now all that’s left of that event. It’s on page 22. Do enjoy reading it.


3 thoughts on “Forgotten stories in The Bath Magazine

  1. I enjoyed reading this little piece…and pretty much all that you post and share with us. Thank you, Kate, and do keep well!!!


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