9 thoughts on “Rónán Hession, Leonard and Hungry Paul

  1. It is a heartwarming story of deceptive simplicity. My only niggle is that too much of it is told in uninterrupted dialogue: a little more authorial skill would have made some of the passages more fluent to read.


    1. Personally I really like uninterrupted dialogue. It’s a real skill to convey character, emotion and action through dialogue alone.


      1. An interesting point, which I accept. I think in some ways it comes down to reading style: I read down the middle of the page (the book took me less than an hour) and therefore I occasionally need signposts telling me what I have read or am about to read. It is rather like driving a long journey in one go, sometimes I just get into seeing only the road ahead and need some reference point to remind me of where I am.


  2. I read this on your recommendation and found it hard to put my finger on just why I liked it so much.
    I did have a problem with the vagueness of the setting.


  3. I, too, read it on your recommendation Kate. It was so refreshing to have people who love and care for their close circle without becoming in any way cloying. The quality of writing and thoughtful dialogue make its ordinary setting extraordinary and an unlikely success. A good read for these times!

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