9 thoughts on “Kerri Andrews, Wanderers. A History of Women Walkers

  1. Barbara Moore, vegetarian and eccentric, was another twentieth-century walker – Land’s End to John o’ Groats and walks across the USA.


  2. The first thing I thought on reading this was “What shoes did they have?” I love walking but I have problem feet so I cannot imagine doing 30 miles a day. Wish I had some magic footwear that would enable me to go the distance.


  3. I am so envious that you have been walking what was my daily routine for many years. My asthma has me locked up until I can repair the lungs. Enjoy the freedom for me! ( and readers, of course, she has purchased the book)

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  4. This sounds wonderful. Walking has always been an important outlet for me, never more than this last year, and I love to read books by and about walkers but am so frustrated by how male dominated the topic is. How refreshing to have a book about other women!


  5. Thanks for this interesting book review. I wasn´t too impressed by Solnit´s book, so this one sounds more up my street. I love Nan Shepherd´s book on the Cairngorms. What a beautiful meditative text – she fully immerses herself into the natural world and has not one iota of competitiveness in her. Highly recommended.


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