5 thoughts on “New Year, new duds

  1. Hilarious. Wouldn’t have bought any of them myself for any consideration, but appreciate the clutch of apt skewerings, as one who has been equally irritated and let down in similar circumstances. After a lifetime of being paid for reading books I didn’t choose, I thought retirement would be dedicated to my very own precious TBR pile. Not so! A shocking number of duds. But have I learned? Nope, I’m still acquiring tempting-sounding books and not reading them (last week The Lisle Letters and Princess Olga: A Wild and Barefoot Romanov). And I admit to laughing at the throwaway line “the background drone of unrelated Scottish exceptionalism is just annoying”). Oh dear, you have delighted me today. Thanks.

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  2. The Wheel of Time (or rather, the first ten novels) is definitely a series I never plan on rereading! It’s a deeply nostalgic series for me (although I always thought the first novel was trash before the series picked up steam) that I know will not hold up on a reread.

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  3. I’ve only read The Lacquer Lady, which I agree was meh. Interesting subject, could have been better, especially it was based on a real person! The only other one of her novels that I’ve heard of is A Pin to See the Peepshow which is based on a true crime. I’ve heard it’s much better and it was recently reprinted by the British Library Women Writer’s series, so maybe that’s a good sign.

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