3 thoughts on “Margaret Irwin’s Elizabeth novels

  1. Such quality, Kate, you are right. Our history mistress when we were 13 told us to read Margaret Irwin before the horrors of ‘O’ level GCE began to eat away our time. So I borrowed the Elizabeth trilogy and also The Stranger Prince (about Rupert of the Rhine whom I had never heard of), The Gay Galliard (Mary Queen of Scots),Royal Flush and The Proud Servant. All well worth reading, and I see I have a Penguin copy of Still She Wished For Company sitting unread in my collection.


    1. I didn’t like the Stuart novels quite so much, being fed up to the back teeth with Mary Bloody Queen of Scots (being brought up on Scottish exceptionalist history) but my husband fell into them some years ago so we do have them for revisiting. I’ve also got her biographisation novel That Great Lucifer because I do have a soft spot for Raleigh. DO READ Still She Wished For Company, it is fantastic. Also bleak, whimsical, heartbreaking and beautiful. She was a strange writer in many ways.


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