Strange Horizons

From time to time I review books in the online science fiction & fantasy magazine Strange Horizons. I was impressed, but not in a good way, about Paul Kincaid's new study of Brian Aldiss. Kincaid: good. Aldiss: awful. I reviewed the new edition of J D Beresford's fascinating Edwardian pandemic novel A World Of Women. … Continue reading Strange Horizons


Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell revisited

I haven’t seen the TV series yet (I’ve been away from home; the recordings are waiting), but precisely because I’ve been away from home, I’ve had time to reread the 800pp door-stop boot-thumper novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (2004) that made Neil Gaiman mutter about Susanna Clarke taking to writing like a novice musician sitting … Continue reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell revisited