Black Panther

I watched Black Panther as the only woman in a cinema full of men, which is a pity, because, on leaving the screening, full of joy, I realised that I’d forgotten to count the female actors, or to consider how the women were being portrayed. (A dreary game women have been playing for years.) There … Continue reading Black Panther


Which Loki?

Which Loki do you prefer? The Tom Hiddleston iteration of Loki is out and about again, in Thor: Ragnarok, which I would rate at 7 out of 10. He's a lot less Loki-ish in this film than in his earlier appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I think he loses impact by being normalised. … Continue reading Which Loki?

Hooting at What We Do In The Shadows

A vampire film is not my usual tipple, but I do love a spoof. Specially when it's a mockumentary dripping with blood; when the jokes just keep on coming; when the acting is so vérité that the idea of Wellington's nightlife and suburbia being inhabited by vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies seems totally plausible. The superb … Continue reading Hooting at What We Do In The Shadows