Mad Max: Imperator Furiosa

(Warning: here be spoilers.) I don’t know why this Mad Max film is subtitled ‘Fury Road’. No-one cares or remembers what this ‘road’ is, because it’s a journey, not an actual road, and every film in the series has angry characters. What most people will remember as the film’s defining phrase is the lead character’s name, … Continue reading Mad Max: Imperator Furiosa

Hooting at What We Do In The Shadows

A vampire film is not my usual tipple, but I do love a spoof. Specially when it's a mockumentary dripping with blood; when the jokes just keep on coming; when the acting is so vérité that the idea of Wellington's nightlife and suburbia being inhabited by vampires, werewolves, witches and zombies seems totally plausible. The superb … Continue reading Hooting at What We Do In The Shadows

Peter O’Donnell’s Modesty Blaise

(Forgetfully and foolishly I wrote this pod script up twice: here in January 2015, and here in Sept 2015. They're mostly the same, but there will be slight differences. Sorry about that.) This podcast was written for the letter O, the classic 1960s cartoon strip writer, Peter O’Donnell. He is most famous for his creation of … Continue reading Peter O’Donnell’s Modesty Blaise

National Gallery: the film of the art history lecture

I just sat through three hours of Frederick Wiseman's documentary National Gallery (2014), a film about the British national gallery of art in London's Trafalgar Square that needs a damn good editing, marvellous though it is. Stupidly, I did not think to check how long it would be before paying for the ticket. Some way into the … Continue reading National Gallery: the film of the art history lecture