I write fiction too

I’ve been writing science fiction and fantasy for some years now. My agent is currently sending my novel out to publishers who might be interested (Shetland, witches, a trow). More writing is happening.

After I’d sent the first novel to Writers Services for an editer’s report, and made the revisions they suggested, I followed the report’s next suggestion: get an agent, because it’s time. Finding the agent took quite a bit of patient work, but in the end I found her through a friend. The key is, I think, that the agent loved the novel and knew that it was something that she could sell. That’s the important thing in getting an agent’s interest. So I’m hoping that she can. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have two stories published.

Shoreline-of-Infinity-16-front-cover-1000w‘The Adaptation Point’

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 16 in October 2019, an award-winning sff magazine. The story is about what happens to a long-term exploration mission to a new planet when the colonists are losing the war of attrition with the planet’s ecology. The mission’s children are adapting, but can they survive when the adults are not?

BoB 2019 front4


June 2020: To my great amazement ‘The Adapatation Point’  was chosen for republication in Best of British Science Fiction 2019, which can be ordered here. I mean, some of those other authors are properly famous.  I am getting imposter syndrome.


‘The Mothers of Pequeño Lago’

Written for the Bicycles in Space anthology about dragons and bicycles, Dragon Bike, this was fully funded by a Kickstarter campaign in autumn 2019, and is a rather dark story about what happens when a broody dragon gets between a midwife (on a bicycle, obviously) and a woman in labour.